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Education Foundation announces generous donation by Wells Fargo Bank

Wells Fargo Bank is donating $10,000 for teacher training and the expansion of the Pinellas Education Foundation's Next Generation Entrepreneurs Program for 2014. The award was announced at Tuesday's School Board meeting. The teacher training will focus on bringing entrepreneurial skills, creativity and business math into the classroom.Read more

Education foundation presents cost-saving recommendations

The Pinellas Education Foundation presented its 2013 Savings for Classrooms report at the School Board workshop on Thursday, June 27. The report includes findings and recommendations by four new committees: Technology, Food Service, Management/Organizational Structure and Management/Labor Relations. The project began in March 2010 with a discussion between foundation board members and school district leaders...
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Symposium tackles important education issues

The Pinellas Education Foundation's 2013 Education Symposium brought together local business, government and community leaders to discuss the latest issues in education. About 100 people attended Thursday’s symposium at Tropicana Field, which featured a passionate panel discussion and a speech by Superintendent Michael A. Grego about the state of education in Pinellas.Read more

Pinellas Education Foundation receives $25,000 toward scholarships

The Pinellas Education Foundation has announced that it has received a $25,000 donation from AT&T for its Take Stock in Children/Doorways Scholarship Program. The program benefits economically disadvantaged Pinellas County Schools students through college and technical school tuition scholarships. Students also benefit from mentors who advise and guide them and school-based ambassadors who monitor student progress...
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